Planning for the future

What is our Plan?

What is our plan?

We are 




Not his, not hers, but hir… The struggle to understand hirself, hir purpose, and hir guide actions!

Momen is a secure person that has a strong belief in seeking the truth, serving others, making this world a better place, not for self-gratification, but with the safe belief that there will be a long-term benefit and reward in the long run by the creator and developer of this world.

A momen is a person that others feel safe and secure from hir thoughts and actions 

We are concerned about Machine Learning as a Moral Being, the Evolution of mankind, and future of artificial intelligence

We are volunteers giving back to our communities, our hobby is to serve, we fill our time of inactivity with active participation

Introduction (3 mo)Gather interest
Discuss direction
Draft our Strategy
Strategic Plan
Mobilization (3 mo)Invite Volunteers
Create a Talent Pool
Provide Plans
Organization Chart
Objectives & Plans
Committees (3 mo)Form Committees
Create Communication Channels
Provide access to the site
Pages for each project
Initiative Leads & PMs
Actions (6 mo)Depends on each committee
Promotions (3 mo)Upon completion of prior phases
Engagement (6 mo)Decided by the committees
Improvement (∞)Continuous Quality Improvement

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