Men Club

Brothers for Sustainability

Mental Health, Business Talks, Project Management Skills for Life,
Career Development, Technology & Innovations, and Spiritual Quotient

Momen Men for Better Future

Professional Speakers

Discuss Issues related to Men and Young Emerging Professionals (+18)

Private Consultation

Advice from Professional Consultants related to wellness and sustainability

Network for Growth

Emotional, Financial, and Career Growth Support for Men

Momen Men are from many different professional backgrounds, including technology, business, medicine, law, and medical.

We are global, from the West Coast of America to the Eastern Countries of Asia.

Our core values are Excellence, Energy, Empathy, Enjoyment, and Exploration.

We explore excellence in enjoying our responsibilities and accountability in our roles as brothers, sons, husbands, fathers, friends, workmates, business partners, and mentors with empathy for others through mindset and positive energy.

Weekly Meetings on Thursdays 8 PM PT.

General Assembly

  • Professional Speaker each week 
  • 30 min Presentation & General Discussion
  • 30 min. Networking in 4 Breakout Rooms (7 min. each)
How to become a member...

Conditions to Join

By Invitation Only

To complete the application, it is necessary to mention at least two current members as your reference.

Momen Mindset

Being a Momen with Brotherhood Mindset, the applicant must have a brotherhood mindset to care for and serve others.

Reputable Professional

Must possess a good reputation within the community, either as an established professional or as a promising up-and-comer.

Application Process

The application fee of $200 is non-refundable and membership approval is subject to review by the committee.

Professional Consultation

Private 1-1 Sessions

  • Mondays: Wellness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Tuesdays: Project Management Skills for Life
  • Wednesdays: Technologies & Innovations
  • Thursdays: Spiritual Awareness & Sustainability
  • Fridays: Business Startups and Operations
Annual Membership of $1,850.00

Membership Benefits

Access to all the General Meetings

Members can join all the General Meetings and invite two guests per month for the weekly general assembly events

20 hours of 1-1 Private Consultation

Members benefit from 20 hours of professional consultation by experts and discounted price for additional time 

20 Direct Messages in the Network

Members access the full profiles of other members for networking with 20 direct messages per month

Discount on Products & Services

Our affiliated programs offer members a generous discount of up to 20% on a wide range of products and services, including books, courses, and services. 

Some Of Our

Professioinal Experts


Business Expert

Business Operations, Startups, and Project Management Skills for Life


Licensed Therapist

Mental Health for Men, Family and Work-related consultation 


Professional Mentorship

Career Development & Professional Mentorship for a better future

Join as a Speaker

Become a volunteer to speak in one of the General Assembly events after completing the application and receiving approval through our committee.

Policies & Etiquettes

The Club is not for everyone...

Programs are in English for all Men from all religions and backgrounds

Zero Tolerance for Racist, Political or Sexist Remarks and References

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