System-thinking for Godliness

Everyone is a Momen Over 85% of people in the world adhere to a religion, and despite their visible differences, they share a common goal. Each religion seeks to guide its population based on its natural tendencies, cultures, and local experiences, leading to what we perceive as differences. However, beneath these discrepancies lies a fundamental …

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Why Compassion Leads to Quality Integration?

Empathy as a personal trait is thought to be a strength impossible to acquire as a skill through training. However, with Mindful Meditation training for Emotional Intelligence, it is possible to train minds to be genuine about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a sensible and sustainable approach for inner peace and harmony with others. During conflicts and tensions in interactions with others, if we grip on our sensational anchors, we become grounded with empathy and higher emotional intellect in reacting to situations when we mindfully recognize that others are facing similar personal life struggles such as family, health, and financial that is causing them decision fatigue to misdirect energy. We really don’t know another’s experience before we come together in our common workplace. So next time you’re at work and things don’t go your way, take a deep breath and assume your colleagues have positive intentions.


Ethics and Morality in Metaverse

Momen.in strives to create a common language and understanding of what is good for all humans and the sustainability of the actual physical world and its extension of Digital Twin in the Metaverse. As part of Cognitive Smart Cities, Momen.in will strive to hold justice and fairness to protect basic human rights and shelter humanity from the adverse effect of Artificial intelligence. Momen.in believes that for Metaverse to sustain a fair and growth-mindset environment, a belief in true “Allah” helps integrate quality into a System Thinking approach for better organization, definition of roles & responsibilities, and team building of mindful Professional Managers for innovation based on agreed core values and common culture. This project started in 1995 with the first website built to Educating Mankind About the Religion of Islam at the University of Michigan. However, the site was moved to Yahoo Geocities later and the rest is history. Today, with the same System Thinking Approach, Dr. Emari is advocating for Quality excellence by Engineering, Managing, And Reinventing Integration for Innovation in Cognitive Smart Cities or the Metaverse of the future.

Planning for the future

What is our plan? We are  Men, Women, Momen Not his, not hers, but hir… The struggle to understand hirself, hir purpose, and hir guide actions! Momen is a secure person that has a strong belief in seeking the truth, serving others, making this world a better place, not for self-gratification, but with the safe …

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Momenin are true believers, they are Momenin have a righteous leader as their guide and model to follow, externally and internally… Internally their kingdom of body and soul is of seven territories: three for inputs of ideas and thoughts and three for outputs of words and actions led by one cognitive thinking mind as the …


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